Randy Stonehill   |   Paradise Sky

In 1976 Randy Stonehill released one of the most influential albums ever in the emerging Jesus Movement entitled WELCOME TO PARADISE. Produced by Larry Norman on Solid Rock Records, it quickly became the standard by which all other Christian rock music was compared. Four years later, Stonehill released his much anticipated encore project with Norman entitled THE SKY IS FALLING.

Flash forward to the year 2008 and the unprecedented release of PARADISE SKY - that has Randy Stonehill and co-producer Mike Pachelli recreating the songs from these two seminal albums of the late 70's in light of three decades of musical knowledge and experience. PARADISE SKY features songs such as "King Of Hearts", "Keep Me Runnin'" and " Norman 's Kitchen" along with e

"PARADISE SKY is the album that best defines my past and present", states Randy Stonehill. " It is a full blown studio recording of those songs that started my career and became a musical backdrop for the Jesus Movement of the seventies."

The songs from PARADISE SKY are featured as the soundtrack to the forthcoming film documentary about Larry Norman entitled Fallen Angel. Directed by David Di Sabatino who states " Randy Stonehill had a front row seat to the life of Larry Norman and these songs that were created at this historical crossroads continue to resonate with the passion and fervor of that time."

Track Listing

  1. Norman's Kitchen
  2. King of Hearts
  3. Keep Me Runnin'
  4. Good News
  5. The Winner
  6. One True Love
  7. News For You
  8. Trouble Comin'
  9. Even The Best Of Friends
  10. Counterfeit King
  11. First Prayer