Fallen Angel (Full Release) $19.99
This is the full film version including all extras and bonus features

Frisbee: Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher $19.99
The Emmy nominated documentary on the influential life of hippie preacher, Lonnie Frisbee.

The Jesus People Movement: Bibliography & General Resource (2nd Edition) $29.99
An annotated bibliography of all source materials from the Jesus People Movement. Please note that this is a bibliography, not a book. This 2nd edition reprint includes more pictures and articles.

Frisbee soundtrack $15.99
The soundtrack to the Emmy nominated documentary featuring the music of Agape, All Saved Freak Band, Joy & Gentle Faith.

Jesus Movement Paraphernalia

Original Time magazine issue on "The Jesus Revolution" $139.99
Own your own copy of the Time magazine issue from June 21, 1971 with the article that made the Jesus movement a worldwide phenomenon.

A Time to Be Born (1972) by Brian Vachon, photos of Jack & Betty Cheetham ($39.99)
From the folks who broke the story of the Jesus People movement in Look magazine, a book that captures the movement at its height with excellent commentary and stunning pictures. Tons of photos. Used copy.
"The Jesus Movement is Upon Us" story in Look magazine (February, 1971) $69.99
This was the first note the media struck on California's Jesus People movement. The article written by Brian Vachon was accompanied by photos taken by Jack and Betty Cheetham who convinced New York elites this was a story worth pursuing.
The Jesus People: Old-Time Religion in the Age of Aquarius (1971) $49.99
One of the best books on the early Jesus movement, it takes a snapshot look at various Jesus movement outposts throughout the United States. Used copy.

The Jesus Movement by Ed Plowman (1971) $59.99
Written by then editor of Christianity Today who covers a lot of ground in this small book. Used copy.



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5 Frisbee DVDs
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Fallen Angel 50 DVD pack
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10 Fallen Angel DVDs
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Frisbee 50 DVD pack
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10 Frisbee DVDs
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