I apologize for the delay in updating what is going on with the release of the full version of the movie. If you happen to be following along, we have had some excellent negotiations with distributors all along the way, and I have been heartened that this story has garnered interest by some of the heavyweights in the tricky world of documentary film distribution. As the economic situation worsened, purse strings naturally tightened up, and what once started with heightened expectation then met with economic reality. I have been privileged to personally do two stories for which I had passion to finish, but focusing on two relatively unknown personalities cuts against the grain of commercial feasibility.

No regrets, mind you.. just the realities of the ongoing tension between creativity and commerce.

Alas, in the eleventh hour as I was getting ready to finalize the DVD, I met a team who understood the vision I was following and appreciated the work. They have come alongside to assist me in the process of finishing the project and getting it out there.

I am pleased to announce that we will be doing a tour of North America come February/March 2011, and at that time will release the full version of Fallen Angel: The Outlaw Larry Norman on DVD that will be chock full of extras that will prove as interesting as the movie. It also looks like a "California-centric" version will also play on PBS affiliate KQED and the TRULY CALIFORNIA documentary program some time in 2011 and following. We will be announcing more as news comes available.

I am also glad to report that we sold out of the "festival version" of the DVD that played at a few film festivals. Since this was such a personal story for me, I have taken the advice of a few of my friends to broaden the scope of the movie. The full release in 2011 will be very different from what has been shown previously and reveal my journey as I went looking for Larry Norman.

David Di Sabatino